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3 Drills To Catch BULLET PASSES

Below we will be giving you 3 of our best drills to help you catch bullet passes. I hope this can help! 

Also if you are a WR and would like a daily workout schedule you can follow for gym workouts and field workouts, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Drill 1)- Finger Tip Push Ups

This is an easy one, but the most common reason WRs drop bullet passes is due to the fact that they have weak hands. Their grip isn’t strong and they lack finger strength. So finger tip push ups are great to do. It’s exactly how it sounds, instead of putting your whole palm on the ground just hold yourself on your finger tips.

If you’re new to this, probably wise to start out with push ups on your knees.

Drill 2)- Lying Down Catches (video example below)

Drill 3)- Hand Switch Tennis Ball Catches (for reaction time) (video example below) 

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