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3 Important Aspects Of Speed

3 important aspects of speed are the following 

Form. If you don’t have good form your speed will always be limited. Arms and legs should be mostly at 90 degrees. Using your shoulders to swing your arms, right past your pockets up to your cheek maintaining 90 degrees. Don’t let your legs kick back, knee drive is very important and trying to utilize your stride length. Secondly, foot strike is very important. If you are striking the ground flat footed you won’t be able to drive your knee up. And you won’t be able to create force. You need to keep your ankle in dorsiflexion (toes up) and strike the ground on the balls of your feet. Lastly, how you train matters. Don’t need to be running distance for speed. That’s for conditioning. Running sprints, resistance training and WEIGHT ROOM WORK is super important. You can’t train the wrong way. If you want to have a workout plan that builds your speed, gives you the right exercises to develop explosion and top speed, click below 👇🏻

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