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3 Main Things About Route Running

There are 3 parts of route running. The stem, the break and the acceleration off the break. If you can master these three things you will get separation. With your stem it’s very important you sell vertical, full speed and don’t slow down. That’s the key to get a DB on his heels or back pedaling. If you slow down that’s an indicator and that usually happens right before the break. At the break, you need to get in and get out least amount of steps possible and be able to generate force. Get low and drop your hips to produce force for the acceleration out of the break. Drive off your break leg. The acceleration comes from the energy you produced at the break and you transfer that into running. Pump your arms out of the break, we shouldn’t lose speed when we come out of a break. It’s a race to the ball. You do those three things correctly and you will get separation.

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