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3 MOST EFFECTIVE Press Releases

The first release I want to discuss today is the diamond release. The diamond release is the best release to use when you have to run a 3 step slant and the DB is playing press but inside shade. The 3 steps you take to the outside are on a 45 degree angle and the goal is to get the DB to turn his hips and open up. If we can get him to turn his hips than I feel this route should be easy money. How we get a DB to turn his hips is by committing to the fade with my eyes, body language and speed. I need to stay in stride and not take choppy steps. The choppy steps will not threaten the DB vertical. Nobody runs a fade with choppy steps. Be in stride and break the route off suddenly.

The second best release I feel that you can use is a slide release. So a slide release is a patient release where you slide to the outside on a 45 degree angle very similar to the diamond release but it’s like a shuffle almost. When you slide to the outside it forces a DB to react. He can either lunge at you and get hands or shuffle with you. If you’re running a fade and let’s say the DB sits on your inside hip when you slide, you can just take off and beat him with speed to the outside. If he shuffles with you, you can hit him with a cross over move and still take the outside release. Now use this release sparingly, you don’t want to do this release when you are a first read and the QB could be getting pressure. You use a slide release on a fade route and slant route only. And on the slant you must be a 3rd read or it has to be an RPO situation.

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Last but not least I want to talk about a squirt release. So this is a release you use when the DB is inside shade and off 2-3 yds. This is also know as, attacking leverage. A DB is inside shade because he wants to protect the inside, so when you shoot out at him and attack his leverage he will keep his leverage and keep drifting to the inside. Simply because he does not want you to cross his face. What this does is it creates space to the outside for us to work. We can run an out, corner, comeback or even a fade because of the space I created. If I just ran to the outside the DB would push me all the way to the sideline. The sideline would be his help. These are the 3 most effective releases you can use.

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