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3 Must Do Route Running Tips

  1. Don’t expose your numbers. If you pop your chest up right before the break, that is an indicator to the DB. You should be like a moving statue, your pad level stays the same all the way through the stem of the route.

  1. Off the line have a plan. If you don’t have a plan to get off of press, you are dead. If your plan is just to react to however the DB approaches you, you will not be successful. Make sure you know going into the game what 5-6 releases and hand techniques you will use.

  1. Need to have explosion at the top of your breaks. A lot of people think running routes is about slowing down, when really it’s about creating energy at the top of the break. Having violent hips and dropping aggressively will shoot you out of your breaks! If you want to become a more explosive receiver and want specific gym exercises to become a better route runner and pass catcher, click below!

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