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Stand with your back up against a wall and bounce tennis balls over your head and catch them on the way back down. This is a great exercises to work on your over the shoulder catching ability.

Finger Tip Push Ups. This is a great exercise to do for grip strength. Grip strength is essential when you have to make tough catches over the middle and in traffic. If you cannot perform this regularly you can do the girl push up version of this. You will still get the same benefit.

Late hands drill. Hold one tennis ball in your left hand and bounce another tennis ball off a wall and catch with your left hand but at the last possible second. And right before the catch, drop the original tennis ball you were holding in your left hand. This works on your hands being late. Over the shoulder catches and over the middle catches your hands need to be late so the DB doesn’t have the opportunity to play them and rip the ball out.

If you want 30 days of catching workouts that do not require a QB click the link below! We give you specific hand eye coordination drills, grip strength drills and repetition drills all to improve your hands in only 30 days with the specific sets, reps and res periods. CLICK BELOW⬇️⬇️

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