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3 Things All QBs Must Do

The first thing QBs need to do to be successful is have a great ability to move in the pocket. There is a statistic that I read stating that in the NFL only 30% of the time the QB takes the standard drop required for the play. That means 70% of the time they have to move, throw off platform or throw on the run. That is an insane number and these are the best players in the world. Imagine what it’s like at the high school level. So if all you do is throw routes vs air you’re not preparing yourself. You need to be able to navigate in the pocket effectively.

The second thing QBs need to do is be able to make throws without their feet set. More commonly known as off platform throws. Life at a high level of football is very messy. There will be a lot of times where you don’t have time to get your feet set, you have to throw all upper half. Either you will be late or you want to avoid being late so you throw with your feet set in another direction. Being able to rotate your shoulders and generate torque on throws like this is essential. For the guys who just open straight to 90 this is the toughest part and that’s why lifting to 90 is not a good thing. You cannot make these types of throw consistently. 

Lastly, off the field, I think QBs need to be preparing their bodies in a specific way. You don’t need to be shoulder pressing 200 lbs over your head and losing range of motion. You need to lift like a QB. If you’re not improving functional strength, back strength, leg strength or core strength you are not doing the correct things as a QB. If you want a set workout plan SPECIFICALLY FOR QBs, check out the links below. If you don’t have access to weights we have one as well. Check it out! ⬇️⬇️

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