3 Things College Coaches Look For In WRs

Do you have play making ability? This is why it is so important to put together a great highlight tape for college scouts. If you can’t show within the first 5-7 plays that you have big play making ability, a coach will pass on you. You need to stand out amongst the thousands of highlight tapes that they watch every off season. Make sure that you can showcase that.

The second thing you want to show college coaches is that you can run good routes. The game is constantly evolving and receivers who can run elite routes are getting a lot more exposure. The speedy guys are great, but a lot of coaches are looking for great technique rather than speed/size. You certainly have to be at a certain speed and size, you can’t be 5’5 and run a 4.8 and expect to play D1 ball as a senior in high school. But if you at least pass the eye test somewhat, your elite level route running will get you recruited. If you can create separation, you can play in any offense. If this is something you feel you can improve on checkout the link below! It is a full 28 day on field WR workout schedule. We give you a breakdown of what WRs should do on the field to improve their routes, releases, hands and overall ability. We have specific sets and reps for each day of the plan and we show full speed examples. Check it out below if you want a specific WR workout plan on the field! ⬇️⬇️


Last but not least, college WR coaches want a smart WR. They want someone who has a high football IQ and can find throwing lanes/open space for the QB. If you don’t have any concept of what a defense is trying to do, you will not be able to play college ball unless you are a freak athlete. I know a few of you reading this are not the prototypical WR where you are 6’2 and run a 4.5 but you can still have a shot to play at the next level if your football IQ makes you stand out and can create separation. For example if you have an inside shade DB in off man, you shouldn’t run away from him if you have an outside breaking route. You need to attack his leverage to create space. These are the things you must know and be able to do well.

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