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3 Things WRs NEED TO Focus On This Off Season

Doing game realistic drills. The main thing that I feel all WRs struggle with is relating their drills and training methods to an actual game. You should NEVER train a skill that you won’t use in a live game scenario. What I do with my receivers is that we focus on releases, route running top of the route techniques, catching and then apply all that into full route techniques. Everything we do has a purpose and ever receiver understands the “reason why” behind the drill. If you don’t know why you are doing the drill, then you shouldn’t be doing it!

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And last but not least WRs need to emphasize film study! If you don’t study film you won’t be prepared. On this website and my social media channels we love to talk about all the different moves and releases you can use. But if you don’t know WHEN to use them in an actual game it’s all for not. So study your opponents and defenses as a WR. This can only help you structure a plan and have pre meditated moves on certain routes that you can use. It will help you play fast, if you think too much, you will play slow.

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