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3 Things You Can Do At Home For Your Hands!

The first thing you can do at home to improve your hands is repetition. Nothing will replace good ole fashioned playing catch, however I realize most of you don’t have access to a QB everyday. So something you can do is tennis ball training. A tennis ball is like $2 so it is affordable and if you bounce that off a wall 100 times a day you are training your hand eye coordination. Stand with your back to a wall and bounce it over your head to work over the shoulder catching. This is the second best thing you can do for your hands.

If you guys want a 4 week workout schedule to not only help your hands improve but to help your route running, press releases and explosiveness improve, checkout the link below! We give you a 28 day step by step schedule with sets and repetitions of each drill and we include an instructional video where we breakdown an example of each drill/the importance. Checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

The second thing you can do at home for your hands is improve your grip strength. So doing exercises like finger tip push ups can tremendously help you. This will help you make tough catches in traffic and help you make tough 50/50 ball catches. When you need to have strong but soft hands this will help.

Last but not least, to improve your hands at home you need to work the mechanics of catching. So if you have a football, you should lay on the floor and throw it up in the air to work on where the ball hits your hands. The ball should be striking you in the webbing of your hands. When you catch you don’t want the ball to bounce off of your palms and you don’t want it to hit your finger tips. You want it to hit the sweet spot in between. Work those mechanics so you build healthy habits you can use in the game.

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