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3 Tips For A Better Deep Ball

3 Tips QBs can focus on for their arm strength is the following: focus on keeping a wide base when you hitch, don’t lean out of the throw and don’t flick your wrist too low. These are all connected too by the way. When you hitch for a deep throw don’t just hitch with one leg, move both feet at the same time to make sure you maintain that wide base so your front stride can get down fast and balanced. A lot of guys have a long stride or their knee comes way over their toe which makes them shoot up and lose power. If you lean out of the throw for power that’s when you tend to leave your deep ball too far inside. If you lean with your front shoulder out the ball gets pushed to the inside of the field. And lastly, if you don’t flick your wrist like You’re shooting a free throw, the ball wont get enough air for your receiver to run it down. The main thing is you want to get the ball up quick with air so your WR can go run it down. Your wrist flick is what does that. If you want to learn everything about QB mechanics when it comes to every type of throw, check out the link below for our QB MANUAL. ⬇️⬇️

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