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3 Tips For A QB To Improve

3 Tips For A QB To Improve Their Game are the following... 1) You need to understand the defense almost better than you understand offense. If you know where defenders are going to be before the snap, it makes your job 10x easier. 2) You need to improve your accuracy with your front arm and front shoulder. A lot of QBs like to dip their front arm low and swing their elbow down. This causes a very high release and more often than not the ball will sail high or low because you’re coming down not rotating. If you keep your front shoulder square and don’t swing your front arm down you will be come a more accurate passer. A lot of guys swing their front shoulder around, this causes their release to come around their body. If you stay square your arm does not get left to the inside and you won’t over rotate. 3) QBs NEED TO BE LIFTING TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. You cannot lift like a linebacker if you are a QB. You have to be doing specific QB lifts or exercises. If you want info on a 28 Day Body Weight QB Workout plan, click the link below! ⬇️

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