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3 Tips For Short QBs

What short QBs should be focused on is the following, footwork in the pocket, off platform throws and extend play ability. That’s how short QBs can dominate the game today. If you know how to move in the pocket and you are able to create throwing lanes for yourself you will be a successful passer, but what ties into that is off platform throws. What I mean by off platform throws is throws where you don’t have your feet set. When you don’t have your feet set to throws a lot of QBs become very inconsistent. If you can learn how to throw without your lower half and solely rotate with your upper half but at the same time keep your hips and shoulders parallel to the target you will be a better off platform thrower. Now when it comes to escaping the pocket, short QBs need some kind of speed. Sorry but that’s just the way it works. Short and slow QBs do not go together. Even Drew Brees is somewhat athletic, and the best guys like Kyler and Russell are dual threats. If you feel you need to get faster and you are a short QB so you can extend plays better and be a successful QB, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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