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3 Tips For Throwing On The Run

3 Tips For Throwing On The Run

You want to attack the target with your hips and shoulders parallel to it. The reason for this is you can keep a consistent release point. If you swing your shoulders and hips out of the throw your arm will fly outside of your frame. When that happens you will lose consistency and your release point will be flawed. You want to keep your hips and shoulders square to the target.

Step with your throwing side foot as you start the motion. So when your shoulders go back you want to step with your throwing side foot in the direction of the throw. This will cause a chain reaction from your hips to shoot the ball out with as much torque and velocity as possible. It almost creates a coiling effect. But this only works if you swing your opposite foot through. So step with your throwing side foot at the target as your shoulders go back and when you release the ball your opposite foot (if you’re a righty it’s your left foot) swings up almost like you’re trying to do a toy soldier stretch.

Lastly, emphasize your follow through. You have momentum because you are on the run and if you execute the tips above properly you will have torque generated, so now you just need to control the torque. That comes from your wrist flick. Think of your wrist flick like you are throwing at a dart board, this will help with accuracy and spin on the ball/control.

If you want a full throwing mechanics manual that takes you step by step through every throw you can make on the field along with learning how to develop an efficient throwing motion, click the link below to get our QB BIBLE ⬇️⬇️

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