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3 Tips For WRs In The Gym

In the gym WRs need to work on a few specific things to help their on field performance. The first thing I believe all WRs need to do is improve their explosiveness. Doing exercises like power cleans, box jumps, jump squats etc. will all help their on field performance. Dropping into breaks at the top of the route, moves off the line and even blocking all directly correlate to explosive movements in the gym. Football is a very fast twitch game and receiver is a fast twitch position, so those exercises are essential for performance.

WRs cannot just work in the gym, they need to put hours upon hours in on the field as well! If you want a 4 week ON FIELD WR WORKOUT PLAN, checkout the link below. It’s a step by step day to day plan with specific drills and exercises to help a WRs overall game improve. We also include a 30 minute instructional video where we breakdown each day of the plan and show full speed examples of the drills. CHECK IT OUT HERE! ⬇️ The second thing WRs need to work on in the gym is balance. Doing 1 leg exercises will help your cutting, releases and overall smoothness in and out of breaks. Exercises like RDLs, pistol squats etc. will all help you. WR is played most of the time off of 1 leg, much like how running is always off of 1 leg. You need great balance and stability at the top of breaks to make cuts full speed.

Lastly, WRs need to work on mobility and flexibility in the gym. Doing band resistance exercises and stretching for 15-30 minutes after a workout is essential to help WRs at the top of the route. If you can’t drop low or drop your hips, you won’t be able to efficiently run routes. So many receivers struggle with hip and groin flexibility. This is something that must be heavily emphasized!

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