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3 Tips For WRs To Beat Zone Coverage

How WRs Can Beat Zone Coverage is by doing the following 3 things: you want to step on the DBs toes, attack his weak hip and get in his blind spot if possible. If you are running let’s say a curl for example, you don’t want to come off the line lazy because the DB is off and it’s zone. Same principles apply, you want to push vertical and get him to think fade. So let’s get off the line fast and step on his toes (close the gap). Now, when you get off the line, you don’t want to just run wherever. You want to  attack a DBs front hip. Or commonly known as his weak hip. This puts him on the defensive and will really get him to bail out of his back pedal. Let’s say for example you are running a Post, you don’t want to just run strait to the inside, have a lazy break then go over the middle. Attack the DBs blind spot which is the area he has his back turned to. This will force him to go off of feel and maybe you give a head fake to the outside while you’re in his blind spot. That can cause him to speed turn and will lead to a lot of separation for you. If you want to learn the exact techniques on how to beat zone coverages, man coverage, and the techniques for any given route, click the link below to see our WR manual! ⬇️⬇️

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