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3 Tips For WRs To Get Stronger & Faster

The main thing WRs need to do to get faster is work on their resistance training. So when you are not working out with a speed coach or doing a dedicated program, something you can always do is resistance work to help your speed. Running up hills, running bleachers, running in the sand or with resistance bands. This will help you improve power, top speed and endurance. All of these things translate onto the field for receivers. Not to mention it teaches you to keep driving your legs which helps with stalk blocking downfield.

Wide receivers need to focus on building functional strength not bodybuilder strength. You see too many guys training Incorrectly. They are doing bicep curls when they should be doing power cleans. Everything you do in the gym should be performance based. This is a mistake I made when I played. I wish I did more things in the gym for balance, stability, ankle mobility explosiveness and overall athleticism. I did plenty but I could have done more. I was so concerned with gaining weight that often times I lifted like a bodybuilder instead of a football player. If you’re a WR who needs to get bigger, you need to find the happy balance of strength training for performance and strength training for size.

Lastly, I want to mention that work in the gym can translate to on the field speed as well. WRs need to be explosive and twitchy. And by twitchy I mean a high count of fast twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch muscle fibers are built from doing explosive movements in the gym and exercises in the 3-8 rep range with all out effort. If you are lifting weights and staying in the 15-20 rep range with everything you do, you are building endurance and cutting fat, but you will not put on size and build explosiveness. You can be doing the correct exercises but still not getting the correct results if you are training wrong. If you want a full month long WR gym training program with the specific exercises that will help WRs be stronger, faster and more explosive ON THE FIELD.... click the link below! You can get it today for 50% OFF BUT HURRY BECAUSE WE ARE ONLY SELLING 10 at the discounted price. Hope this gives you some value! ⬇️⬇️

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