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3 Tips For WRs To NEVER Drop A Pass

The first thing WRs need to do to make sure they never drop a pass is repetition. Whether you have a QB or don’t have a QB this can still be accomplished. If you have a QB who can throw to you on a daily basis, you should be catching 100-150 balls per day. I guarantee you that your hands will get better. Catch 10 in the front, 10 to each side, then 10 over each shoulder. Do that 2-3 times. Now if you don’t have a QB get some tennis balls and do some solo hand eye coordination work. It might be boring but trust me it is training your hand eye skills. Bounce them off of walls, over your head off of a wall for over the shoulder catches etc. don’t be afraid to get creative.

If you guys would like an 8 WEEK LONG WR WORKOUT SCHEDULE to improve your hands, route running press releases and explosiveness that does not require a QB, checkout the link below! There is over 300+ drills in this schedule and we give you almost 2 hours of video content explaining each drill and how to do it! Click here ⬇️ The second thing WRs need to do to improve their hands is to work on their grip strength. Exercises like finger tip push ups, farmers carries, plate flips, catching bricks etc. will all help your hands improve. When it comes down to making the tough catches over the middle or in traffic, you need a strong grip!

And last but not least you need to practice the “trigger phrase” in your head that helps you to remember to look the ball in. Whether that is “take a picture of the ball with your eyes”, “look at the white stripe” “see it hit your hands” etc. that will help you build that muscle memory in your body. You can’t think about that stuff during a game it has to be natural. So every time you hit the practice field that phrase should be on repeat anytime a ball is thrown to you. This is how you can be more consistent without even thinking about it.


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