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3 Tips To Add 10-20yds To Your Deep Ball

The first thing I want to talk about is your back leg. Too many QBs have their back leg super far back and that will kill your power. Keep your back leg just underneath your back shoulder. You don’t want your feet to be narrow but you want that back leg to be loaded and to have 80% of your weight on it so you can transfer. The days of being 60/40 are over because you see more results if you have 80% on your back leg and then when you transfer that weight to your front leg, you feel a huge snap of torque in your throwing motion.

Front side mechanics. Too many QBs have a wild front side. They will either swing their front elbow way down to their hip or lean out of the throw with their head. If you do either one of those you will lose control on your deep ball. Focus on transferring your weight and keeping your shoulders “quiet”. Front hand should stay somewhere by your face and your front side should finish square or level to the target.

Now what can you do if you have the mechanics down, but want to get to that next level? Arm strength comes down to ground force AKA weight transfer and rotational force AKA torque. So for this to improve you need to get stronger legs and a stronger core. The specific exercises you need to work need to active the muscles you use when you throw. Arm strength does not tie into anything above your core like chest or shoulders. If you want a 4 week arm strength gym training program and a step by step manual that highlights all the mechanical aspects of throwing deeper and with more velocity click the link below! It is a 4 week step by step guide with workout splits designed to improve your arm strength. We include specific sets and reps along with rest days. In our arm strength manual which is included below, you will get all the mechanical nuances of throwing deep. We talk about stride length, back stroke, ground force and more. Click below to check it out! ⬇️⬇️

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