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3 Tips To Be A Better RPO QB

3 Tips To Be A Better RPO QB

To be a better RPO QB you need to have these key attributes. You need to understand who your read key defenders are and what you are looking for them to do. If your read key defender is hard to identify you need to get in the film room and study your playbook a little more. The second key to being a better RPO QB is having a quick release. You need to have as little wasted motion as possible in your motion to be successful. Be able to throw without setting your feet and be disciplined with your upper half. You should honestly not set your feet on 99% of RPO throws but QBs who have an undisciplined upper half, and what I mean by that is they let their front shoulder fly open, will not be able to make those throws. So make sure you work your mechanics and understand the concept of rotational force/ torque. And lastly you need to be somewhat athletic. If you can’t get out and run a little bit you will not be a threat in the zone read game. If you want to improve your speed so you can be the most athletic quarterback possible so you have success in the RPO game, checkout our speed training program below! ⬇️⬇️

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