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3 Tips To Be The Best QB On Your Team

The first thing that a QB needs in my eyes is confidence. I don’t think you can play the QB position and have low confidence. Scared money don’t make money. You need to have the guts to go out there and sling it. With my QBs confidence is a huge thing I stress. When we train I put them in the most uncomfortable environments possible. We work on so many awkward throws to make them uncomfortable because if they can get comfortable being under fire and under pressure, they will be comfortable when the shit hits the fan in a game. That’s where your confidence comes from. Doing the hard work not the easy work and the fake work.

The second thing I believe you need is a high football IQ. You can DM me if you want more info on how to improve this but studying film and knowing coverages ties into your physical play. This position I would say is 80% mental. Guys can beat teams at a very high level solely with their mind. You can’t just beat a team with physical skills once you get to a certain point.

Last but not least I think to be the best QB on your team, in your district and in the state you need to have great mechanics. Be able to make the hard throws look easy and be able to make consistent throws downfield. This all comes from knowing the correct way to be efficient with the football. If you want a full QB throwing mechanics manual on how you can be a better passer and how you can have flawless mechanics, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️ 

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