3 Tips To Get Faster Off The Line

3 Tips To Get Faster Off The Line

When it comes to getting faster off of the line there are 3 things I think receivers need to focus on. They should focus on first and foremost having a decent amount of weight on their front leg so they do not false step. What I teach is 70% of your weight on that front leg and that will help you drive off without any false steps. Also the second thing you should focus on is not being too wide with your feet. You do not want your back leg to be way outside your frame because that will also cause a false step. Don’t be super narrow with your feet but too wide is even worse. Lastly you should focus on exploding your back knee through as soon as you have to get off the line. Drive your knee and drive your arms. That all comes from your explosiveness and how much power you can produce. If you play WR a big emphasis needs to be explosiveness and power production. If you want a workout plan specifically made for receivers to improve their explosiveness and speed click the link below! ⬇️⬇️


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