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3 Tips To Improve Your Press Release

The first thing you need to do to get better off the line is have a plan. If you don’t have a plan you will not be successful. Going into each practice, each game, each camp etc. you need to have about 3-5 releases that all build off of each other. For example you can do a single inside jab, a double up and then a single jab into a diamond release. Those are three releases that all look similar that can get you off of press. Have a plan for your feet because that is the most important part. Receivers who don’t have a plan walk up to the line and they freeze. You need to keep things simple so you can execute.

The second tip to improve your press releases is to be detail oriented when you train. When you work on your releases you should not be doing all of these fancy footwork drills that take 30 seconds to accomplish. The main keys you need to emphasize are foot strike, selling with your upper half and being able to efficiently step outside of the DBs frame off the line. So doing drills that work this are essential. Slow things down and focus on the details. Drills should be very simple but effective.

If you want a 4 week workout plan specially for WRs ON THE FIELD where we give you press release drills that are efficient, click the link below. It is 28 days broken down into specific drills, sets and reps to improve your route running, press releases, hands and more. Also for each day of the plan we give a video explanation and full speed examples of each drill. This is the exact workout schedule I follow with the receivers that I train. Check it out here! ⬇️

The last thing that will help you improve your press releases is knowing when to use each release. So many guys know the releases but don’t know when to use them. For example if you’re running a quick game slant route you can’t be using this longer hesitation release, you need to get into the route fast. If you’re running a slant and it’s a 3rd read slant, you can take a little bit longer with your release. Off the line it’s all about being fast but also knowing the situation!

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