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3 Tips To Improve Your Snap Down

The first thing you can do as a WR to improve your snap down is bring your chin to your knee every time you have to snap down. Let me explain, when you are selling vertical on a route, the only way you can do that is by running full speed and committing your hips to the break. Now if you are running into a route full speed and just “sink” your hips AKA slowly drop them and lean back with your chest strait up in the air, you will lose explosion and have a lot of wasted time at the break. You want to SLAM your hips down and you u want your chin to go strait to your knee. This is a forward/explosive position that creates energy: this is the magic position that allows you to “stop on a dime” make sure you get to this spot on every comeback and curl route along with any other break that requires you to snap down.

If you guys want a 4 week on field WR training schedule with all the drills WRs need to do for route running, press releases, catching, balance and explosiveness with sets and reps click the link below!⬇️⬇️

The second thing you can do to improve your snap down is make the break in stride, so many WRs struggle with this and it kills their route running. Let’s say the break is a 15 back to 12 comeback, they will start to chop their feet at around 13 yards to prepare for the break. You don’t want to do this because 1) it takes away explosion from your hips and 2) it’s a HUGE indicator to the DB. Be in stride into the break so that DB thinks it is a fade. Everything is a fade until it is not. If you shorten your stride, a DB will sit on the route. When you slow down, he slows down

Last but not least, make sure your eyes stay forward. If you are running any kind of route that involves you snapping down, the biggest mistake WRs make on these is that their eyes start to turn towards the break point. Like if they are on the right side running a curl, their eyes drift inside... this leads to your hips and shoulders turning inside which is a huge indicator to a DB. Stay committed with your hips shoulders and eyes to the vertical portion of the route. You make the DB think vertical longer and it forces you to have a sudden snap down!

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