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3 Tips To Run A Better Post Corner

3 things you can do to run a better post corner are the following... Sell with your body or just your eyes, keep the same speed out of the break and push vertical on the post section of the route. When you push vertical and sell fade it makes everything about the route look like a post. If you can get to the point where your post corner looks exactly like your post route you’re in good shape for the first half of the route. Now when you break to the post everyone loves to say “eyes tell lies” but you can be looking back to the QB all day long and if you’re hips are drifting up field the DB won’t bite. Commit your hips to the break and your shoulders as well as your eyes. All 3 need to be there to sell the route. Lastly when you are selling the post don’t slow down to get to the corner. That doesn’t sell post. It should be a sudden change of direction and your arms should drive you out of the break to keep the same speed and widen the gap with the DB. If you want more specific route running tips on individual routes and how they should be ran down to the exact steps you should break on, click the link below to see our ADVANCED ROUTE TREE ⬇️⬇️

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