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3 Tips To Run A FASTER 40

Below we are going to discuss 3 tips to help you run a faster 40 time! I hope this can help you out.

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1)- The start. The 40 time is personally one of my least favorite ways to judge speed. But, if you want to continue playing football, you have to get used to it. I hate the 40 because if you have a bad start, your entire time can be screwed. The difference between a 4.7 and a 4.4 is not that much in real time. But it is when it comes to the 40yd dash. So with your start, you want to focus on being as explosive as possible. They call it the drive phase- you want to be powerful for about 5-10yds to create energy, which drives you through the last 30yds of the 40. Take big, powerful strides. Guys who just stand up and run, might feel fast and quick… but you will gas out and progressively get slower towards the end of the race. Stay low and be powerful. Take long strides and have powerful arm swings. The start propels you and allows you to run through 40yds with top speed.

2)- Breathe. Guys run so tense on 40yd dashes because they are either nervous or they are trying to go as hard as they can. You should go as hard as you can, but when you hold your breath- your upper body tenses up and that prevents your arms from driving. Which is 50% of running. When you look at Usain Bolt run a 100m… he’s not holding his breath. He looks very relaxed. That’s how you should run for full range of motion.

3)- When waiting in line at a combine or camp… please stay warm. I hate running 40s at combines or camps. In all my years of playing, I never once tested well at a camp. I always tested well at a workout or school practice because my legs were fresh. At a combine, you have 20-30 dudes in front of you, you’re standing around, and  then they expect you to run full speed as hard as you can. And I get it, it’s a camp. It’s not a private training session… so as an athlete you need to be doing a dynamic warm up and keeping your legs warm while waiting in line. Don’t just stand around- you will test very poorly. This is why guys are always shocked at the times they run at combines. And that’s shocked in a bad way. 

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