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3 Tips To Throw A Better Spiral

The first thing that QBs need to focus on when it comes to a spiral is their grip. Everyone can have different grips but the one thing that needs to be consistent is the ball needs to stay in your fingers NOT your palm. QBs who grip too tight and have their palm all over the ball will not be able to effectively spin it. Second, QBs need to let the last finger to roll off the ball be their index finger. That is their spiral finger. If you struggle to spin the ball try maybe putting more pressure on the ball with your index. And lastly, QBs need to flick their wrist down. You want to try to get the top of your thumb parallel to the ground. This will help you turn the nose over on the ball and get a better spin on it. If you want a more in depth breakdown of how to throw a spiral and how you can get better throwing mechanics click the link below to see our QB manual! ⬇️⬇️

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