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The first thing you can do to avoid getting jammed is have a plan. If you can understand what a DB is going to do and what his responsibility is based off of his pre snap alignment you will be able to structure a plan off the line. If a DB is inside shade, know that he is trying to take away the inside. If he’s outside shade, know he most likely has help over the middle. When you understand why he’s playing you a certain way, then it makes it that much easier to come up with a release to use! You should have about 5-6 releases for every game that all look similar and they are all based off of the different looks DBs can give!

If you want to learn 20 PRESS RELEASES/WHEN TO USE THEM/DRILLS FOR EACH ONE & want a 2 week on field WR workout schedule/video checkout the link below for our ROUTE RUNNING BIBLE! The second way to avoid getting jammed is have a plan for your hands as well. You don’t want to have your hands way up high by your chest in press, but you also don’t want them too low. If you have your hands too high you will be tense and won’t be able to move. You need your hands somewhere around your thighs/knees because that’s a spot you can react and still be relaxed. The footwork will set up the hands. Don’t make the hands too complicated. If you need an inside release, know you have to beat the inside hand and vice versa.

The last way you can avoid getting jammed is by understanding range. So the two releases that really highlight this are the step back release and slide release. When you are facing an overly physical DB you don’t want to be in a spot where he can get hands on you and still maintain his base. You want to slide to open space or step back to open space(not too far) to where if he is going to get hands he has to come at you, then we make our decision to avoid or just to go. It’s all about setting traps with the range of your releases.

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