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3 Ways WRs Can Dominate This Season

3 Ways WRs can dominate this season are the following: 1) Being able to create separation at the line will get you on the field. If you can beat man coverage and maintain timing with your QB, you will get the ball more and you will have a much easier time on the field. Knowing what release to use and when to use it is key. And being able to do that brings me to the second point, WRs need to have a high football IQ in order to dominate the field. If you can understand what a defense is trying to do and the technique behind what they are trying to do, you will be more successful. You can understand which release/move at the top of the route would work in each situation. A great WR needs to be a 2nd QB on the field. This will lead to better chemistry with your QB and more opportunities for you to make a big play. Lastly, WRs need to be explosive. I think the biggest gap between guys who are elite with D1 scholarships vs guys who are still playing below that level is speed and explosiveness. From my own personal experience working with WRs, the guys who have D1 offers to schools like LSU, Bama etc. have a significant advantage in speed and explosiveness. Technique wise, they are pretty much at the level of a normal high school receiver. Everyone usually needs to work on the same things. But speed and explosiveness is what sets them apart and makes them stand out to college coaches. You can improve your speed and explosiveness in the gym, if you want a workout plan to develop your speed and explosiveness, check out the link below so you can be a better WR ⬇️⬇️

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