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Work 1 leg exercises. Every single cut thah you make will always be off of 1 foot, even like a 2 step or 3 step break you will never have 2 feet in the ground when you think about it. So being able to build balance and stability on each leg individually will help you be more precise with your cuts. So emphasizing RDLs, Split squats, pistol squats etc. are all going to help you with your on field play!

If you guys would like a 12 WEEK WR GYM WORKOUT SCHEDULE checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

The second thing WRs need to build on in the gym is their hip strength/flexibility. So many young WRs are so stiff and cannot drop their butt into breaks or drop their hips. They just hunch forward or stand super tall at the top of the route. This is from lack of flexibility and strength in their hips. So doing any kind of squat variation will get WRs comfortable with dropping into their routes and making cuts. Emphasize on your squats getting below parallel and not letting your knees go over your toes. If you think you don’t have the best hips, start with body weight squats and don’t let your knees go past your toes, drop your butt.

And last but not least, WRs who need to gain weight need to still focus on explosiveness. So many WRs ask me if gaining weight will make them slow down, and the answer is no, only if you do the correct things in the gym. If you’re eating all of this processed food and only lifting heavy on bench and squats to build mass, yes you will slow down. But if you are doing effective workout splits that emphasize not only mass building workouts but also explosive workouts, you will not lose your speed or quickness. You need a combination of both if you are a skinnier WR. The 12 week workout plan we mention above focuses on exactly that!

WE WILL BE IN FLORIDA January 8th for our first ever QB/WR/DB training camp! It will be a 4 hour camp for athletes and we will emphasize the mechanics/details of each position, routes vs air to work on timing and game realistic techniques and a portion of the camp will be dedicated to 1on1s & 7on7. This will be a great opportunity for athletes across the USA to come out and compete/ get better! Check it out below ⬇️⬇️

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