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3 WR Top Of The Route Tips

3 Tips For getting separation at the top of the route are the following, you need to be violent with your hips. The more violent you can be with your hips the more energy you can create and the better you can drop on a dime. A lot of guys slow down and lean their pad level back on a 45 degree cut or a 90 degree cut, but you need to drop violently on those cuts. Drop your hips and bring your chin your knee, you don’t need to be any lower than parallel. The second tip I can give you is hands. A lot of guys when they drop their hips drop their hands as well. That is not good. That’s a huge indicator to the DB and you lose acceleration out of the break because you have to start up again. Hands should always be running, not beating the drum. Run from your shoulder. Lastly, on a speed cut, if you commit your hips fully to the break and don’t turn your hips before you cut it forces your feet to be sudden and sudden feet don’t allow a DB to have a lot of time to react. That is how you create separation. If you want a full manual with more detailed tips on route running and how to create separation, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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