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Below we will be discussing 5 TIPS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN DMing A COLLEGE COACH. I hope this can help! 

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1)- Don’t DM a coordinator or a head coach. Guys, those people get an insane amount of messages, emails etc. That is if they have their Messages turned on. Don’t be the guy who makes the mistake of trying to reach out to a head coach or coordinator. They don’t do recruiting like that. You need to figure out who the recruiting coordinator is for your region if the US & send him a DM. Colleges will send coaches to recruit areas of the country. They don’t send the WR coach to all 50 states to recruit all the WRs in the country. They send a coach to a region and have him scout all of the players. You need to find that guy and communicate with him. Higher chance of it leading somewhere. 

2)- Communicate with coaches you know frequently. Whether you go to a camp or you have a college coach come by your school- that is who you want to DM. One, he is probably the recruiting coordinator if he went to your school & also you have a personal relationship with the guy. He’s more likely to open your message. Firing off the hip at every single college coach you have never met is a tough strategy to have success with. Whenever you meet a college coach, follow them and message them. Don’t spam your highlights but build a relationship. 

3)- Don’t spam your highlights. A lot of recruits just send their highlights over and over again to college coaches. Hoping that they will take 5-10 minutes out of their day to watch it. Guys it’s very unlikely they do that. You should have your highlights in your Twitter bio and reach out to coaches legitimately. Treat it like a conversation, ask them a question etc. They are more likely to respond to that than some spam message they have gotten from 80+ other recruits.

4)- Follow up, but don’t follow up like a salesman. Guys you can’t just send one DM and expect them to open that one out of the hundreds they get. Following up isn’t just sending the same message over and over again. Tagging them in a post, sending them a clip of you training, asking about a camp they have etc. are all creative ways of following up. For the DM strategy to work they need to see your name and face constantly pop up. 

5)- Have thick skin. Don’t get discouraged when someone reads your message and doesn’t respond or when someone blows you off. Guys it’s all about how bad do you actually want things? All you need it 1 school to say yes. So who cares if you get 400 negative responses before 1 school says they want you. It’s all a process, don’t quit and don’t get discouraged. A lot of people don’t get this. They try for one week- nobody responds and then they quit. Please don’t be that guy. 

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