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Today we will be discussing how skinny WRs can gain weight but still keep speed in the off season.

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We will be giving you 3 tips below that will help you gain weight in the off season but still keep speed as a WR. At the WR position, how much you weigh is not as important as you think. You want to be as big as possible but maintain as low body fat % as possible so you can still maintain your athleticism. That’s what these 3 tips will help with.

1)- Clean bulk. So when trying to gain weight you obviously have to lift a certain way in the gym. You are lifting heavier, trying to stay in that 8-12 rep range for hypertrophy (muscle growth). Now consuming protein is the best way to help you put on the correct type of muscle. A lot of people know to “eat protein” and “have protein shakes”. But not a lot of people know exactly what it does. Protein repairs the micro tears in your body that you get from lifting, aka the strain on the muscles you feel when lifting weights. So you need to make protein around 30% of your caloric intake. I recommend trying to consume 1G of protein per pound of desired body weight. Obviously, if you’re 150lbs don’t consume 200G per day and think you will bulk up to 200lbs. Work your way up, start with 160, then 170G etc. Now this may seem like a lot of protein to get from food. All of your protein can be taken from food. However, as athletes we are always on the go & busy. Protein powders will help you get the daily dosage of protein that you need. This link below is a great protein powder that I recommend, it’s very easy on your stomach too & light. 29G of protein per serving so it will help you get your daily amounts. ⬇️⬇️

(Also if you use promo code “FIRST15” at checkout you can get 15% off of your order)

2)- Don’t neglect explosive lifts. So when you’re lifting for size, you are usually lifting like a bodybuilder. Exercises like bench, shoulder press, squats etc. And a lot of guys will slow down because they neglect training as an athlete. You have to do both. Make sure to include explosive Olympic lifts to your routine, plyometrics and anything that involves moving lighter weight quickly to train your fast twitch muscle fibers. This can help you maintain speed in the weight gain process.

3)- Lastly, stay in a calorie surplus. If you wear some kind of calorie tracking tool while you workout like an apple watch or a Fitbit- you can see how many calories you burn on a daily basis. So, you want to try to consume more calories than you burn. If you stay in that surplus- you are bound to gain weight. This is one of the biggest mistakes WRs make. As WRs, we are always running & moving- we burn a lot of calories. You have to replenish those calories. It’s simple when it comes to eating, just look on the back of a food label. And make sure to make the investment into some way to track the calories you burn. 

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