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At Home Tennis Ball Drills

Being at home is a great opportunity to work on your hand eye coordination as a receiver. That’s something everyone can always improve at. If you have some tennis balls this is a great workout for you. Get 2 tennis balls and bounce them off of the wall to start, catch 50 on each hand. Then I want you to do the same thing but have one of the tennis balls in the same catch hand. This is working on your hand flexibility at the same time as your hand eye coordination. Focus on tracking the ball into the catch. Next thing you can do is stand with your back to the wall and bounce the tennis ball over your head so you have it bounce back over your shoulder. This works on your tracking ability over the shoulder. Work 50 reps on each hand too. Lastly, you should stretch your hands. Place your hands together almost like they are in a prayer position, then try to push your fingers back to your arm without moving your wrist. This is a great stretch for all receivers to do. If you want more advanced workouts to improve your hands That involve grip strength and more tennis ball work, check out the link below! ⬇️

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