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At Home WR Route Running Workout

Route running is all about having quick twitch, hip flexibility and explosiveness. This workout will help you guys develop those aspects


Jump Squats 5x8 reps

Superset with

Body Weight Alternating Jumping Lunges

5x16 (8 each side)

1 minute 30 seconds rest in between each set


Sprinter Step Ups 4x10 each side

(Sprinter step ups are when instead of just stepping up onto a bench, you bring your knee up into a running form position as quick as possible)

Superset with

1 Leg Split Squats 4x12-15 each side

1 minute 30 seconds rest in between sets


Stretch for 30-45 minutes

If you guys would like a daily workout schedule for WRs with all of the gym exercises you should be doing AND all of the field drills you should be doing, checkout the link below! We give you daily gym exercises and drills broken down into sets,reps,rest periods, conditioning days and rest days. CHECK IT OUT HERE ⬇️

WE WILL BE IN FLORIDA January 8th for our first ever QB/WR/DB training camp! It will be a 4 hour camp for athletes and we will emphasize the mechanics/details of each position, routes vs air to work on timing and game realistic techniques and a portion of the camp will be dedicated to 1on1s & 7on7. This will be a great opportunity for athletes across the USA to come out and compete/ get better! Check it out below ⬇️⬇️

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