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Average 40 Time For D1,D2 & D3 Players

Below I will be giving you a chart on the average 40 time for college football players at each level of college football. If you are below average that does not mean you are done for. The 40 time isn’t as important as you think and they will get you faster when you get to college if you need to add it. The 40 is extremely technical and a bad start can screw up your entire time, but this is a good gauge to see if you are in the correct range or if you need to get faster. 

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How I got this info was from research on google. I looked up about 30+ different high school recruits from each level and these were the consistent numbers that I found. I hope this can give you some value! 

QB- D1)-4.7-5.2 (pocket passer included) D2)-4.7-5.2 D3)-4.8-5.2

WR- D1)-4.4-4.6 D2)-4.6-4.7  D3)-4.6-4.7


RB- D1)-4.4-4.6     D2)-4.4-4.6        D3)-4.5-4.7

LB- D1)-4.6-4.8   D2)-4.7-5.0 D3)-4.8-5.1

OL/DL-D1)-4.9-5.2    D2)-4.9-5.2   D3)-5.0-5.5

(D Linemen on the edge were way lower in the 4.7 range)

DB-  D1)-4.4-4.6  D2)-4.5-4.7 D3)-4.6-4.8

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