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Average Weight For D1, D2 & D3 Players

Below I will be giving you a chart on the average weight for college football players at each level of college football. If you are below average that does not mean you are done for. Weight isn’t as important as you think and they will put weight on you when you get to college if you need to add it. But it also helps if you fit the mold size wise for the next level. 

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How I got this info was from research on ESPN & google. On ESPN they have just about every single college team listed with the height & weight of all of their players. Super easy to find. I researched schools from each level D1, D2 & D3. And these are the numbers I got for each position. I hope this can help! 

QB- D1)-205-215lbs   D2)-200-215lbs  D3)-185-210lbs

WR- D1)-190-205lbs  D2)-185-200lbs  D3)- 185-200lbs


RB- D1)-200-210lbs D2)-200-210lbs D3)-190-205lbs

LB- D1)-215lbs-230lbs     D2)-215-230lbs D3)-205-225lbs

OL/DL- D1)-300-315lbs     D2)-300-315lbs    D3)-280-310lbs 

(D Linemen on the edge were way lower in the 250lbs range)

DB-  D1)-180-195lbs   D2)-180-195lbs  D3)-175-195lbs

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