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Below we will be discussing the best footballs that you should for training purposes and throwing purposes. I hope this helps. I will be including a link to each ball as well 

Also, in 2024 we are coming out to 15 more cities for QB/WR camps! We will be coming to San Francisco CA, Miami FL, Las Vegas NV, Charlotte NC, Portland OR, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, Chicago IL, Buffalo NY, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Philadelphia PA, Detroit MI, Boise ID & Los Angeles CA! Checkout the link below to sign up ⬇️⬇️

There are 3 footballs that I recommend for anybody to use. This is from my experience and these footballs are the easiest to grip and use. Obviously everyone has their own personal preference but just make sure when you purchase a football, it is a real leather football. Not a composite leather football. 

#1)- Wilson GST (classic ball and very easy to break in/grip)

#2)- Team Issue Ball (this ball is actually customizable but this is probably my favorite football I’ve ever thrown)

#3)- Nike Vapor Ball (this one is tough to find, but it’s a great football. You want the football with two Nike logos on each side. Sometimes these are customizable too)

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