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Best Helmets & Pads For QBs & WRs

Below we will be discussing the best helmets and shoulder pads for skill position players. I hope this can bring you some value and insight on what you should look for equipment wise.

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Shoulder Pads:

There are 4 brands that I can recommend to you guys. For QBs and WRs I think mobility is key and when you’re trying on shoulder pads- you want to be able to touch your hands over your head. These are the best pads I’ve seen players that I train wear and that I have personally worn. 

X-Tech- these are worn by all professional QBs and are extremely light. Only negative about these pads are that they can be a little expensive.

Xenith Brand (newer versions)- These are more affordable than the X-Tech pads I believe. They are extremely similar and give QBs & WRs a lot of mobility

2 In 1 Shoulder Pads- these are the coolest pads I have seen and what I would have worn if they were around when I played. You essentially put on a vest and then a carbon fiber plate over the vest (which is like the chest plate of normal shoulder pads). It looks like you don’t even have pads on and you have an insane amount of mobility. The only problem is that these will run you over $500. Which is ridiculous but if you can afford it- then I highly recommend it. 

Rawlings SRG QB/WR Pads- this was a referral from an NFL QB when I played. He told me to get these pads. Super cheap and some of the most comfortable pads I’ve ever worn. I don’t know if they make them anymore but if you can find a pair these are the best pads possible. Especially for QBs who need comfort and mobility/ affordability for the parents. 


There are 3 brands of helmets that I recommend. Virginia Tech has a study every year about the safest helmets in terms of concussions so if you want to do research- they can tell you more about safety than I can. But these are the 3 helmets with the best vision and comfort in my opinion.

“Light” Helmets- extremely light, almost doesn’t seem safe. But it’s ranked as one of the safest helmets. Great for younger players who don’t want to carry around this heavy helmet. 

Vicis Helmet- Very easy to see out of. It’s a little heavy but I think vision wise it is really good with a skill position face-mask. Also, if you care about looks, this is probably the best looking helmet. It’s a little pricey. 

Riddell Speed Flex- this is the most common helmet I feel. Very comfortable, easy vision and looks the part. Also think it is ranked very high in terms of safety. 

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