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Best Positions Based On Height

Below we are going to talk about what position you should play if you’re new to football based on your height & weight. This is a common question we get asked so I hope this can help!

Also if you are a WR and you’re looking to get stronger this off season- checkout the link below for our 16 week WR gym workout routine. We give you 4 months of daily workouts, rest days and conditioning days to do. We breakdown the exact sets & reps to follow and we include examples of each exercise ⬇️⬇️⬇️

So if you’re new to football and struggling with what position you should play, below are going to be some general guidelines of where you’d fit best based on height and weight. This is specific for high school, but if you’re in middle school and you’re projected to be this big in high school- this is what I’d say to play also.

5’5-5’9 (130-165) Slot WR or DB

5’5-5’9 (170-200) Linebacker or RB

5’10-6’3+ (150-180) (athletic) Outside WR or DB

5’10-6’3 (180-225) Safety, Linebacker, RB or TE

6’0+ (250lbs+) O-Line Or D-Line

For QBs, you can be probably any height but QB is very tough to start playing in high school with no experience. QB is the hardest position in all of sports- so not saying it can’t be done but make sure you give that position your respect and know how many hours/how much effort it takes to be successful.

Also, in 2024 we are coming out to 9 more cities for QB/WR skill camps! We will be coming to Dallas TX(SOLD OUT) Nashville TN(SOLD OUT) Chicago IL(SOLD OUT) Buffalo NY, Atlanta GA, Houston TX (SOLD OUT) Philadelphia PA(SOLD OUT), Detroit MI, Boise ID & Los Angeles CA! Checkout the link below to sign up ⬇️⬇️

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