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Below we will be discussing how 7on7 CAN GET YOU OFFERS. I hope this helps you guys out and clears up some of the questions you have about 7on7.

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Okay so, 7on7 can get you offers not in the way you would expect it to. If you think that getting onto a team with a lot of “exposure” and playing on these high level travel teams will be the source of your scholarship offer you are sadly mistaken. And it’s not your fault- a lot of these organizations claim to “get their guys exposure” and “help them with the recruiting process” when honestly those are just fancy terms for “money grab”. If you aren’t good enough to play college football, being on a 7on7 team with a lot of exposure isn’t going to help you at all play at the next level. I don’t care how well connected your coach is either. At the end of the day what matters to a college coach is the body of work you can show on film. NOT 7on7 film. Actual varsity film. 

So 7on7 can help with the recruiting process by getting your skills up. I’m not knocking 7on7. I think it’s a great tool to use in the off season to get better. If you’re a WR it helps with running routes agains man/zone coverages. If you’re a QB it can help with reading coverages. All of those things can give you a great benefit on Friday nights when the lights come on. That’s how 7on7 can help. A college coach has never once asked for “7on7 film”. He wants live game film- so this off season treat 7on7 as a chance to get better and improve the details of your craft which will translate to varsity ball… with pads on. Don’t get into 7on7 for the fake hype. Most of the time those are all scams.

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