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One of the common misconceptions about high school football is that you can’t get recruited if you live in a small town or go to a lower division school in your area… that is simply just not the case. Below we will be discussing what you can do to receive recruiting attention if you go to a small school and how it is possible to land an offer. I hope this can help! 

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Okay so if you attend a small school it is obviously going to be much more difficult to receive an offer because your school likely doesn’t have many college coaches coming through. Which is fine, you should take that as a challenge. You need to create the recruiting attention for yourself and that starts with social media. Let’s say for example you live in a very small town in Illinois a few hours outside of Chicago. You need to make a Twitter account and make a highlight tape with your best varsity film. Now, when you have that you need to upload it to Twitter as a pinned tweet so that’s the first thing people will see. Include your best attributes in your bio like your graduating class, position, and height/weight (if appealing). Also you can include some accolades like first team all league etc. Now the reason you want to do this is so college coaches have all of your info when they see your account. It’s right there ready to go for them. Now high level recruits will have college coaches visit their high school in the off season during the “contact period”. Which is sometime in the spring and just before the summer. You need to find the guys in your closest big city- in this scenario it would be Chicago- that are getting recruited by colleges. Reach out to them via Twitter and ask who is recruiting them or you can see based on their profile activity/their own Twitter followers who is in contact with them. You need to follow that coach and reach out to them with your highlight tape/a message. Ask them if they will be in your area or if there is a camp you can attend. Just try to get them talking/engaging with you. If you stay persistent with this, with schools from all levels (D1,2,3 or NAIA) you will eventually get a school/coach to bite. But you need to stay persistent and do the work. Don’t sign up for NCSA or any other recruiting service because they won’t do this for you & they don’t have any credibility. Colleges know it is a money grab. College coaches want to hear from YOU and you need to make things happen if you attend a small high school. 

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