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Difference Between 5-Star WRs & Average WRs

Everyone loves to say “oh he is a 5-star” etc. and they put such an emphasis on the recruiting stars. When In reality, stars dont matter. Stars are usually given to kids by guys who have never actually played football, and when you get to the next level stars dont matter. But more often than not, those kids who are the 5-star WRs have specific attributes that the everyday high school WR doesn’t have. Today we will focus on what you can do to be a more recruitable WR. The first thing that 5-star WRs have is that they can make big plays. College coaches want to see big play making ability on film. They do not want to see average catches like hitches or slants etc. they want to see great routes, great catches and explosive plays after the catch. They want to see you take a hitch 60+ yards for a touchdown. 5-star guys usually have a 50 plus plays like this throughout the course of their high school career. As a guy who maybe doesn’t have any recruiting attention, this should be your main focus. These are the plays you need to make in an actual game to get to the next level. Now everyone also loves to talk about the “eye test” when it comes to college recruiting. And a lot of times those 5 star guys have the size, speed and height to play at the next level. Height is something you can’t control but speed and size are. You can always get more explosive and put on muscle to show you are ready for the next level. Get in the gym and do the specific exercises needed to take your WR skills to that next level. If you want a 3 month WR gym workout schedule with daily workouts for speed, strength, size, explosiveness and power, CLICK THE LINK BELOW! ⬇️⬇️

WE WILL BE IN FLORIDA January 8th for our first ever QB/WR/DB training camp! It will be a 4 hour camp for athletes and we will emphasize the mechanics/details of each position, routes vs air to work on timing and game realistic techniques and a portion of the camp will be dedicated to 1on1s & 7on7. This will be a great opportunity for athletes across the USA to come out and compete/ get better! Check it out below ⬇️⬇️

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