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Difference Between D1 & Average WRs

Everyone loves to make the height and speed excuse as a reason to why they didn’t make the division 1 level. But if you are the same size and speed as any recruit who has made it to that level what’s your excuse? Everyone’s path is different but it takes these key things to stand out at the next level! At the highest level of college ball I believe you need to do 3 things in order to separate yourself. You need to run great routes, have a high football IQ and catch everything. If you can do these 3 things and a coach is trying to decide between you and the other guy, and you are equal size, he will go with you. When it comes to route running you need to make everything look the exact same. All your routes should build off of each other and you should be able to sell vertical on all your routes. If you can do this, it is very hard to predict what you are doing from a DBs perspective. College coaches want guys who are smooth in and out of breaks, selling vertical is the first step to achieving that. So many average receivers can’t do this. They will slow way down into the break and give huge indicators like dragging their feet before they drop their hips. You can’t do that if you want to be efficient at the next level. Now the second thing that makes a huge difference between average WRs and elite D1 guys is football IQ. If you can understand the defense and the DBs you are going against you will be on the same page as your QB. If you want the ball more, learn defenses. Nothing a QB loves more than a WR who knows how to sit in the open spots against zone coverage. As a WR you need the ball thrown to you in order to stand out. If you aren’t on the same page as your QB you will not be able to stand out because he will not be throwing you the ball. So many average WRs just run their routes and hope the QB throws it to them. They have no plan and no purpose. Don't be that guy. And last but certainly not least, you need to catch everything. Let’s say you are a bigger guy who isn’t the best route runner but you catch every ball thrown to you, we will find a place for you on the field. No drops equals not coming off the field. Even if you’re not open but we throw you the ball and you ALWAYS come down with it, you’re going to stay on the field the entire game. Now obviously drops happen which is why you combine a great catching ability with route running and IQ. So many average WRs drop too many passes which cause their QBs to not trust them AKA not give them the ball. If you need to improve your hands checkout this below! ⬇️⬇️

If you need to improve your hands but you don’t have a QB to throw to you, checkout the link below where we give you 30 days of catching workouts to help your hands get better and to improve your grip strength. These are all solo drills you can do by yourself and at home even. We give you specific workouts, sets, reps and rest periods. If you need better hands quickly, click below! ⬇️⬇️

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