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Difference Between ELITE WRs & AVERAGE WRs

The first difference that I would like to discuss is the way WRs train. Elite WRs are constantly doing the correct kind of training. So many young WRs are taught very wrong from an early age and that will translate over into the habits you create as a 8th grade-high school WR. You should not be doing obstacle course drills where a coach lays out 100 cones for you to do “footwork” around. A big focus when you are training should be the three phases of route running, press releases and football IQ. Not conditioning or simply breaking a sweat like some of these “footwork gurus” like to teach. Make sure you are putting yourself into game like situations. If you guys want a 4 week WR ON FIELD Workout Schedule with all of the specific GAME REALISTIC Drills you need to be doing, checkout the link below!

The second thing that elite WRs know how to do is read a defense. We briefly mentioned this in the point above, but elite WRs have a high football IQ where as average WRs just run their routes. As a WR you need to understand the entire play concept and what a QB is looking for. If you can’t do this, you won’t be able to play at the next level. Especially if you are an undersized WR, you can beat bigger defenders and defenses with your mind. You need to know the holes in the coverages so when you are running routes you know when to sit down and when to continue on with your routes. How you can get better at this is by studying your playbook and watching a ton of film. Elite WRs are students of the game.

Last but not least, elite WRs catch everything. There is literally no excuse for drops. If you consistently drop passes you are just not disciplined. Everyone wants to know the big secret to improving your hands and it is honestly just repetition. Rep grip strength drills, hand eye coordination drills and just simply catching passes. But nobody likes doing the boring/lonely work. The lonely work is something you have to love if you want to be an elite level WR. Never drop a pass if you are trying to get to the next level as a WR.

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