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Difference Between GREAT & GOOD WRs

The main difference you see between great WRs & good WRs is that great ones have an obsessive attention to detail. They say the WR position is one of the most under coached positions and that is a shame. There are so many details that go into this position and that is how you can separate yourself from the competition. Especially if you are undersized, you need to fall in love with the details of the position. Now, what do I mean by the details? Details include being able to sell vertical on routes and doing the 3 things that sell fade. Eyes, body language and stride/speed. Eliminating time spent at the top of the route (and yes sometimes that means cutting out steps) and being able to accelerate out of breaks. Also eliminating any kind of wasted motion. Sometimes in high school you get a lot of good athletes who can get away with a lot of things. They run lazy routes, don’t get off the line properly but they are the best athlete on the field so they get away with it. In college that will not fly. Everyone is going to be a great athlete. So if you are serious about playing in college you need to be obsessive over the details and do specific workouts that are all detail oriented. WRs shouldn’t do all these obstacle course drills, they need to be doing specific movements that they will be applying in the actual game. That’s how you get better and that’s how you make the jump from a good WR to a great WR. Here’s a scenario, let’s say you are 6’0, a senior in high school and run a 4.6 40 & let’s say there is another recruit with the exact same measures and the exact same grades as you... they are going to take the guy who can run the best routes, make the best plays and create the most separation. And that is all based around the details of the WR position. The details matter and that is what separates great WRs from just good ones. If you want a full 4 week workout plan for WRs that is all based on the details of the position checkout the link below! We give you Eveything you need to take your skills to the next level at WR. We give you 28 days of workouts with specific drills, sets, and reps to improve your routes, releases, hands and explosiveness. We also include a 30 minute instructional video where we breakdown each drill and show a full speed example of each one. CHECK IT OUT BELOW! ⬇️

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