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Diving Catch Drill

A drill to work on diving catches is the following: if you have a padded surface like maybe a pull out bed or one of those pads that high jumpers use at your field you are in great shape for this drill. I wouldn’t reccomend doing this on grass because it is a great way to hurt yourself on a hard surface. The only way to work on diving catches in my opinion is by doing the motion. So have someone throw you a ball as you are running and force you to dive but you land on a soft surface. This gets you used to the fall and being prepared when you have to dive in a game. I think doing this on the high jumper pad is best because you can really stretch out and get vertical. If you want more drills to improve your hands and the awkward catches you will have to make, and you don’t have a QB to throw to you, click the link below! It’s a 30 day catching program designed to improve your hands with no need for a QB. Click below to see more info! ⬇️⬇️

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