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Dynamic Warm Up To Get Faster

This is a warm up designed to help you work on running mechanics and to loosen up your hips/stride which every athlete can benefit from.

Split 1

A-Skip (6 sets for 15yds burst 10yds on a run after)

B-Skip (6 sets for 15yds burst 10yds on a run after)

C-Skip (6 sets for 15yds burst 10yds on a run after)

High Knee Karaoka (6 sets for 30yds)

Quick Feet Karaoka (6 sets for 5yds burst 15yds on a sprint after)

Toy Soldier Stretch (2 sets 10yds)

Quad Pull Stretch (2 sets 10yds)

Knee Hug Stretch (2 sets 10yds)

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