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FREE Gym Workout For Short WRs

As a short WR you are at a disadvantage size wise obviously, however you can use your speed, quickness, explosiveness and overall power as an ADVANTAGE in the passing game/run game. This is a free workout you can do to develop that.


Barbell Jump Squats

5x8 Reps

Superset with

Box Jumps

5x10 Reps

1 minute rest in between sets


Power Cleans

5x5 Reps

Superset with

20yd Weighted Sprints

5x4 sprints

2 minutes rest in between sets


Russian Med Ball Twists

Superset with


Superset with


3 Rounds (all sets to failure)

2 minutes in between sets

As a short WR like we said above, you are at a size disadvantage. So you need to make sure you emphasize the details of the position when you train. If you would like a day to day, 4 week long on field workout schedule with all of the drills WRs need to be a route running technician and overall better WR click below! We map out everyday with all drills just like the workout above and we include video examples ⬇️