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Working Sets

 5 sets of 3 Pause ​Squats ​(should be a heavier weight; over emphasize exploding up from the bottom of the squat)


(45 seconds rest in between sets)

 5 sets of 5 each side  Barbell ​Split Squats​ 


(45 seconds rest in between sets)

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 5 sets of 8 each leg ​Jumping Lunges With Weight ​

(should be a lighter weight that you can easily hold; emphasizing jumping as explosive as possible)


(45 seconds rest in  between sets) 

Explosive Movements Superset


Warm up with power cleans 2 sets with a weight you can do 10 times

1 set with a weight you can do 8 times

1 set with a weight you can do 5 times


Working Sets

 5 sets of 3 ​Hang cleans​ (1 minute rest in between sets)



Superset ​with 5 sets of 10 ​Thrusters

 - A superset is when you perform more than 1 exercise back to back




AB Circuit


Working Supersets

 3 sets: ​

Medicine Ball Russian Twists ​30 reps each side   


​Medicine Ball Squat Throws 20 reps       


​Kneeling Med ball lateral throws​ 15 reps each side



(30 seconds rest in between each set)

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